Richard Swift 1830 – 1886

Headstone of Mary & Janetta Swift

Headstone of Mary Swift and daughter Janetta

We are seeking descendants of Richard SWIFT, son of James and Mary SWIFT who was born in 1830 in Old Park, Dawley, Shropshire and baptised on 14 February 1830 at Holy Trinity Dawley, Shropshire.

The census in 1851 showed he was living at 36 Forge Row and working as a Puddler. Richard married Mary PACE at St Martin’s Church, Tipton Staffordshire on 3 July 1853. By the census 1861 the family had moved to West St, St Georges, however in November 1864 Mary died, aged 38 and was buried in St Georges Church as noted on headstone.

Richard married Esther MARTIN on 2 June 1866 in Lilleshall, Shropshire. Between 1871 and his death in June 1886 Richard, Esther and family lived in New St St Georges. He was buried on 24 June 1886 at St Georges Church.

Richard Swift was a member of the Court of “British Workmen”, Ancient Order of Forresters, many of who attended who attended his funeral at the church.
Funeral of Richard SwiftEsther SWIFT died in December 1883 and was buried at St George’s  Church on 31 December.

Richard and Mary SWIFT had the following 3 children:

James SWIFT (1854-1877)

John Swift (1856-1856)

Janetta SWIFT (c. 1858-1863)

Richard and his second wife Esther SWIFT had the following children:

John T SWIFT (1867- )

Janetta SWIFT (1869-1941)

Mary Elizabeth SWIFT (c. 1871-1937)

Joseph William Amos SWIFT (1873-1956)

Esther Annie SWIFT (1875-1948 )

Violet Rose SWIFT (1879-1958)

Children of Richard and Mary Swift

James SWIFT was born in 1854 in Pains Lane, Shropshire and was baptised on 16 July 1854 at the old St Georges Church. James died in March 1877 aged 22 and was buried on 12 March 1877 in St Georges Church.

John SWIFT was born in October 1856 and died a few weeks later and was buried at St George’s Church on 23 November.

Janetta SWIFT was born in 1858 in Pains Lane and was baptised on 16 May 1858 at St Georges Church. She died of Scarlet Fever in February 1863 aged 4 years 3 months and was buried on 16 February 1863 at St Georges Church.

Children of Richard and Esther Swift

John Thomas SWIFT was born in 1867 in St Georges and in the 1881 census he was working as a Grocer’s Assistant in St Georges.

He is believed to have married Maria DAVIES Q3 1887 in Wellington, Shropshire. By the time of the 1901 census he was a Baker in Walsall, Staffordshire.

John and Maria SWIFT had the following children:

Percy SWIFT (c. 1889- )

Reginald SWIFT (1891- 1949) – Reginald never married

Walter SWIFT (c. 1894- )

        Maude SWIFT (1902 – )

Janetta SWIFT, daughter of Richard SWIFT and Esther MARTIN, was born on 18 January 1869 in St Georges and was baptised on 14 February 1869 at St Georges Church. Janetta married Charles KEYWORTH in 1895 in Lincoln. By the time of the 1939 Identity Register they were living at 3 Railway St. Janetta died in 1941 in Bath aged 72.

Following the death of Janetta in 1941, Charles married Violet Rose SWIFT, Janetta’s sister, in 1942 in Bath. Charles died 1954 in Bath.

Charles and Janetta KENWORTHY had the following children:

Alfred Henry KEYWORTH (1897- 1861)

Muriel Gwendoline KEYWORTH (1901- 1912 )

Harriet Caroline Martyn KEYWORTH (1903-1908)

Robert Blackford KEYWORTH (1907- )

Mary Elizabeth SWIFT was born in February 1871 in St Georges. She married John William SHOTTON on 25 December 1897 in Lilleshall. Following their marriage they moved to Rugby where she died in 1937.

Charles and Mary Elizabeth SHOTTON had the following children:

Gladys Elizabeth SHOTTON (1899-1986)

Julia Annie SHOTTON (1900-1986)

Joseph William Amos SWIFT was born on 3 July 1873 and was baptised on 19 August 1873 at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, The Nabb. Joseph married Ellen Annie CROSS in 1897 in Kings Norton, Worcestershire. At the time the 1939 Register was taken he was a Retired Master Baker living at Lyndhurst in Highley, Shropshire. Joseph died on 16 July 1956 in Bridgnorth.

Joseph William Amos and Ellen SWIFT had the following children:

Clarence Amos SWIFT (1897-1971)

William Bertram SWIFT (1899-1900)

Evelyn Clara SWIFT (1901-1983)

Esther Annie SWIFT was born on 3 September 1875 and baptised on 28 September 1875 at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, The Nabb. Esther married Horace Pryce HERBERT in 1901 in Wellington Shropshire by the time of 1911 Census they had moved to Blackburn Lancashire.

Horace Pryce HERBERT and Esther Annie SWIFT had the following children:

Horace Leonard Grant HERBERT (1904-1922)

Arthur Eric HERBERT (1905-1922)

Maud Lilian HERBERT (1908-1992)

Violet Rose SWIFT was born in 1879 in St Georges, she married Charles KEYWORTH in 1942 in Bath. Violet died in 1958 in Bath aged 79.

Grandchildren of Richard and Esther Swift

Percy SWIFT born 1888 in Wellington Shropshire.

Reginald SWIFT born 6 May 1891 in Wellington Shropshire.

Walter SWIFT born c 1894 in Wellington Shropshire.

Maude SWIFT born 1902 in Walsall, Staffordshire.

Arthur Henry KEYWORTH was born 28 July 1897 in Lincoln and died in 1961 in Bath Somerset.

Muriel Gwendoline KEYWORTH was born in 1901 in Lincoln and died in February 1912 also in Lincoln and was buried at Canwick Road Cemetery Lincoln on 27 February 1912.

Robert Blackford KEYWORTH was born on 5 February 1907 in Lincoln, he married Margaret Gladys DANDO in 1936 in Bath Somerset.

Gladys Elizabeth SHOTTON, was born on 24 March 1899 in Rugby, Warwickshire. She married James CURTIS in 1929 in Rugby and is believed to have died in 1986 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Julia Annie SHOTTON was born on 2 September 1900 in Rugby. She married Frederick D COLLINS in 1936 in Rugby and was believed to have died in 1986 in Newport, Monmouthshire.

Frederick D COLLINS was born on 11 October 1883 and died in 1953 in Newport  Monmouthshire.

Clarence Amos SWIFT  was born on 16 June 1897 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire and was baptised on 7 July 1897 at St Philip’s Church West Bromwich.

Clarence married Kathleen Nodder on 12 September 1922 at St Simon’s Church Plymouth. Clarence was believed to have run a bakery in High St, Highley Shropshire.

Clarence died in June 1971 in Torbay, Devon aged 74.

Evelyn Clara SWIFT was born on 18 August 1901 in Brierley Hill, Staffordshire and married Ambrose GOFF in 1939 in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Evelyn died in 1983 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Horace Leonard Grant HERBERT was born in 1901 in Trench Shropshire, died in 1922 in Blackburn Lancashire.

Arthur Eric HERBERT was born in 1905 in Trench Shropshire, he also died in 1922 in Blackburn, its not known whether 2 deaths are connected as both Arthur & Herbert died in the same quarter of 1922.

Maud Lilian HERBERT was born on 31 March 1908 in Blackburn Lancashire. Maud married Edwin Anderson in 1932 in Blackburn. Maud died in 1992, Edwin two years earlier in 1990, both in Blackburn.

Descendants of Richard SWIFT

The reason for the search for descendants is due to St Georges Church planning to relocate 7 headstones away from the spot marking the graves and to put against a wall elsewhere in the churchyard in order to create a communal area for events, which some local people are finding distasteful.

If you are related to any of the above or know of someone who is related then please get in touch, my contact details can be found here. Contact Me.

Updated 2 April 2017