Ancestry add new Irish Catholic Parish Registers

Crusheen, County Clare Ireland – New Parish Records

Ancestry have added new records for the Catholic Parish of Crusheen, County Clare, Ireland, these records include the following:

Baptismal registers details vary but can include:

  • name
  • baptismal date
  • father’s name
  • mother’s name
  • godparents’/sponsors’ names
  • place

Catholic children were typically confirmed after age 12, and records can include:

  • name of the person being confirmed
  • date, name of clergy, and location of confirmation
  • parents’ names
  • age
  • residence

Marriage registers details vary but can include:

  • names of bride and groom
  • residences of bride and groom
  • parents’ names
  • parents’ residences
  • marriage banns
  • any impediments to the marriage (e.g., consanguinity, age, previous marriage, etc.)
  • marriage date
  • name of officiant
  • names of witnesses and their residences

Burial registers vary but can include:

  • name of the deceased
  • age
  • date of death
  • burial date

The collection can be accessed here, a subscription is required to view