North Lanarkshire Records – Ancestry

North Lanarkshire Records added to Ancestry

Two North Lanarkshire Collections have recently been added to Ancestry in conjunction with North Lanarkshire Archives.

Poor Law Applications and Registers, 1849-1917

Applications and General Registers will normally include:

  • Name of applicant, including maiden name of women
  • Age and/or birth date
  • Birthplace, including county of birth (compulsory from 1865)
  • Religion (from 1865)
  • Dependants, including children’s names, ages, places of birth
  • Marital history
  • Names of applicant’s parents and parents-in-law, confirming where born and if still alive
  • Previous addresses

Scotland, Electoral Registers, 1847-1969

Details of what these Registers contain can be found in the “About” section of this collection on Ancestry.