Price Increase – BMD Certificates

Price Increase for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates from 16 February 2019

The price of copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for England and Wales purchased from either the General Register Office or the Local Register Office increased on 16 February 2019.

Price Increase as follows:

Standard Service

  • Full Certificate with GRO Index Reference Supplied – £11.00
  • Full Certificate without GRO Index Reference Supplied (customer requires GRO to trace entry on their behalf) – £11.00 + £3.00 search fee
  • PDF version of Historic* Birth or Death Certificate – £7.00

*Historic Certificate defined for births 100 years or more ago and for deaths up to 1957

Full details of all the new prices can be found on the GRO Website

Certificates from the Local Register Office used to cost £10.00 plus any admin charge levied, the price for certificates now rise to £11.00 plus any admin charge levied.