GRO BMD Certificates – Price Increase

GRO Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates to increase in Price from 16 February 2019.

The Goverment have submitted and approved a Statutory Instrument that provides for an increase in charges for GRO Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates purchased via the GRO Website and from individual Local Registry Offices.

Certified Copies of Certificates rise from £9.25 to £11 (Paper versions)

Uncertified Copies of Historic Birth Certificates (1837-1917) in PDF Format rise from £6 to £7

Uncertified Copies of Historic Death Certificates (1837-1957) in PDF Format rise from £6 to £7

Also being reintroduced is a charge of £3 for a search where the GRO reference details are not provided, only applicable for certified copies of certificates.

Also there will be a £3.50 charge for a search where a certificate order cannot be completed where the information given does not match the record.

Both of the above 2 charges are on top of the £11 certificate fee.

It is likely that certificates ordered via the local register office will rise from £10 to £11 plus any administration costs they levy on top, postage, search fee etc.

Priority services get a hefty rise from £23.50 to £35, but few if any genealogists use the priority service.

This is the first increase in certificate costs since April 2010, when the last rise was implemented.

The Statutory Instrument covering this can can be found here.

Note: This price increase only refers to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own arrangements.