FindmyPast Friday – 22 June 2018


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

There are over 960,000 new records available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Scotland, Fife Death Index, 1549-1877

Search over 265,000 deaths recorded in Fife’s old parish records including deaths and burials from St Andrews and Edinburgh Testaments (from 1549 to 1823), sheriff court wills (1824-1854), Fife newspapers (1822-1854), kirk session account books for mortcloths, lair registers and more. Each result will provide a transcript. The amount of information listed in each transcript will vary depending on the nature of the original document but most will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s name, age, death date, and occupation.

Canada Obituary Notices

The Canada Obituary Index contains over 235,000 records. From this index of Quebec obituary notices, you can discover your relative’s name, birth and death years, and obituary text. The records currently contained within this collection have been obtained from Genealogy Quebec’s online obituaries website. Additional information such as images and details about the records can be found on the source’s website.

Wiltshire Social & Institutional Records 1123-1968

Search for your Home Counties ancestors in over 422,000 assorted social & institutional records spanning nearly 900 years of Wiltshire history. This rich and varied collection contains over 72 different document types ranging from vital records, local censuses and obituaries to court documents, tax records and estate papers. A full list of the document types included in this collection can be found at the bottom of the search screen.

Wiltshire Parish Baptisms Index 1538-1917

Over 1,500 new records including Quaker births have been added to the Wiltshire parish baptisms index. Each record contains a transcription created from an original register entry. The amount of information listed varies, but most transcripts will include a combination of your ancestor’s birth date, baptism date, parish and parents’ names.

Wiltshire Parish Marriages Index 1538-1933

Over 261,000 new records including Quaker marriages are now available to search in our Wiltshire parish marriages index. Each record will reveal a combination of your ancestors birth year, marital status, residence, marriage date, whether they were married by banns or license, fathers name, spouse’s details and the names of any witnesses.

Wiltshire Parish Burials Index 1538-1991

Over 1,800 Quaker burials have been added to the Wiltshire parish burial index. Each record includes a transcript of an original document that will reveal the year of your ancestors birth, the date of their death, the date of their burial and the location.