New Workhouse Ancestry Dataset

New Workhouse Collection added to Ancestry UK

England and Wales, Long-Term Workhouse Inmates, 1861

This dataset comprises records and images from a report listing every adult ‘pauper’ in each Workhouse in England and Wales, who had been resident there for five or more years in 1861

On 29th June 1860, The House of Commons ordered that the name of every adult pauper in each workhouse in England and Wales, who had been an inmate for a continuous period of 5 years or more, was to be recorded. The report on the findings was published on 30 July 1861 and showed that 14,216 adults had been in a workhouse for 5 years or more.

The total workhouse population at the time was approximately 67,800 adult workhouse inmates, not including vagrants, of this population the percentage of long term inmates was just over 21%.