FindmyPast Friday – 23 March 2017


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday 


Over 760,000 records are available to search this Findmypast Friday including; 


Manitoba probate records 1871-1930 browse 


Manitoba probate records 1871-1930 browse contains over 289 volumes of original estate files, application books and indexes from eight Canadian judicial districts; Central, Dauphin, Eastern, Manitoba, Northern, Southern, St Boniface, and Western. The collection allows you to browse through more than 802,000 Images of original documents that will reveal a wide range of information about your ancestors will including details relating to their death, life, heirs and estate. 


Victoria Register of Prisoners Under Sentence Of Hard Labour 1847-1853 


Victoria Register of Prisoners Under Sentence Of Hard Labour 1847-1853 contains over 500 records. Each result will provide you with a transcript and an images of the original register. Transcripts will reveal your ancestor’s birth year, occupation, prison, ship name and the event year. Images may reveal details relating to your ancestor’s appearance such as height, complexion, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Images may also note particular marks on your their body and note their religion, marital status, and previous history. 


Victoria Cemeteries 


Victoria Cemeteries contains over 246,000 records from five cemeteries in Victoria; Boroondara, Coburg, Footscray, Lilydale and St Kilda Cemetery. The records consist of PDF’s and span the years 1856 to 2005. The records in this collection can provide vital details about your ancestor’s death and next of kin including their birth date, birth place, age at death, death place and details of their memorial inscription. 

Victoria Burials & Memorials 


Over 300 records have been added to our collection of Victoria Burials & Memorials. The entire collection now contains over 182,000 records, spans the years 1882 to 1994 and covers over 170 cemeteries across the state. All records include a transcript that will reveal the deceased’s name, burial year and cemetery, while a number also include images that reveal additional information such as their occupation, residence, cause of death and funeral date. 


United States Marriages 


Over 600, 000 new records have been added to our collection of United States Marriages. Covering 360 years of marriages from 1650-2010, when complete this landmark collection will contain at least 100 million records and more than 450 million names from 2,800 counties across America. The records include transcripts and images of the original documents that list marriage date, the names of the bride and groom, birthplace, birth date, age, residence as well as fathers’ and mothers’ names.