Ancestry add Medical Directories

Ancestry add Medical Directories

Ancestry have added a set of Medical Directories to their collection covering Doctors, Dentists, Midwives etc

These collections come courtesy of the Wellcome Library .

UK & Ireland, Medical Directories, 1845-1942

The Medical Directories listed most practising and retired doctors in Britain and its colonies, but not as it was not compulsory for a doctor to be included in the directory.

Entries provide details of:

  • Addresses
  • qualifications
  • places of training
  • places of work
  • any publications.

UK, Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers, 1895 -1980

This collection consists of a variety of registers related to masseuses, physiotherapists, bio-physical assistants and medical gymnasts, covering the period 1895 – 1980.

UK, Medical and Dental Students Registers, 1882-1937

These registers are organised by year and include:

  • names of the student
  • place and date of their preliminary examination to enter medical school
  • date of registration for study
  • place and date of commencement for their professional training.

UK, Dentist Registers, 1879-1942

The registers record individuals practicing under the License in Dental Surgery (from 1860) attained from the Royal College of Surgeons and records:

  • name,
  • dental practice address,
  • date of registration and qualification of every practitioner.

Until The Dentists’ Act of 1921, which made registration mandatory, many dentists practiced unregistered and therefore will not be included.

UK, The Midwives Roll, 1904-1959

The Midwives Act of 1902 came into force in 1903 which established the Central Midwives Board for England and Wales. The Central Midwives Board was responsible for the regulation of the certification and examination of midwives, admission to the Roll of Midwives and annual publication of the Roll and regulation of the practice of midwives.

Records include;

  • individual’s name,
  • address
  • date of enrollment.

UK, Roll of the Indian Medical Service, 1615 -1930

The Indian Medical Service traces its roots to individual surgeons aboard various vessels bound for India from Europe during the 1600s and 1700s.

Those listed in the earlier years were not commissioned officers, but warrant officers who served as Surgeon’s Mates (Assistant Surgeons).

Listed for each of the names given in the collection are the following details, where available:

  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Service
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Burial
  • Place of Burial