ScotlandsPeople website launch delay

Delay in Launch of new ScotlandsPeople Website

Many genealogists, both Amateur and Professional awoke on Monday morning with the expectation of the new ScotlandsPeople website going live, the site had been offline since Wednesday 21 September in preparation.

As the day wore on it became obvious that there was a problem with launching the new site, when a message was posted on holding web page:

“As most of you will be aware, the new ScotlandsPeople website was scheduled to launch today (Monday 26 September).

While every effort has been made to meet this deadline, it has become apparent that we need a bit more time to test the new site and satisfy ourselves that it is completely ready for launch.

We now expect the new ScotlandsPeople website to go live within the next few days.

Remember, once you log-in to the new site for the first time you will see that your credits, saved images and searches are all available.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused and look forward to welcoming you to the new site soon.”

The message confirmed that ScotlandsPeople were having problems launching the site and indicated they needed more time to test.

The project involves moving from one supplier to a new one so the risks are greater as the database will probably be located on different hardware in a different location, so data migration is a key element of the project.

As of Wednesday morning 28 September the site is still offline, ScotlandsPeople have advised that there will be a further update this afternoon, whether this will give more details or a expected launch date, we will have to be patient.