Story behind the Headstone 1

Story behind the Headstone 1

St George’s Church Telford – Headstone of Lois Hannah Johnson

In St George’s churchyard there is a headstone which relates a sad tale for a family from the village.

Lois Hannah Johnson

Lois Hannah Johnson died 1890

The headstone bears the name of Lois Hannah Johnson, daughter of Richard and Eunice Ellen Johnson, who died 17 September 1890 aged 6 years. That in itself is sad, however the headstone also indicates that there are 7 other burials of siblings who died in infancy.

The story doesn’t end there, Richard and Eunice also had an adopted son William Henry who died October 15 1895 aged just 1 year.

William Henry Johnson

William Henry Johnson died 1895

Richard Johnson and Eunice Ellen Stevens started married life together on 5 February 1882 when they married at Lilleshall Parish Church, Richard was 24, Eunice 2 years older, Richard was a miner.

The 1891 Census finds them living in New St, St Georges with a niece Ada Guy aged 15. By 1901 they had moved a short distance to 18 Granville St, St Georges, where they were also in the 1911 census.

Richard Johnson died in 1929 aged 71, his wife Eunice outlived him, she died in 1945 aged 89.

In all Richard and Eunice buried 9 of their children, not a task that you would wish on anyone.