Telford church proposes to relocate Headstones

St Georges Church, Telford proposes to relocate 7 headstones in churchyard

St Georges Church Telford Shropshire

St Georges Parish Church

A number of headstones in the churchyard of St Georges Church, Church St, St Georges Telford have had notes attached to them in the last few weeks advising that the headstones are to be relocated elsewhere in the churchyard. The notes advise that should they seek to object that they should contact the Vicar of the Parish in writing.

In all 7 headstones are planned to be moved but no reason is given on the notice other than its part of a scheme to improve the churchyard. Of the seven headstones, 5 are upright and in good condition, whilst 2 are laid flat and have been for some time. The 5 upright headstones present no issues in respect of Health & Safety.

St George Churchyard Telford

Churchyard area selected for improvement

Of the 7 headstones only 5 have readable inscriptions, these legible five headstone represent four St Georges families who have been interred in the churchyard in the last 150 years.

The names on these headstones are as follows:


Joseph Kinsey – husband of Mary died 15 August 1912 aged 67

Joseph T K Kinsey – son of FJ & M Kinsey died 13 June 1908 aged 34

Charles S Kinsey – died 7 January 1883 aged 2 years 10 months

Sydney P Kinsey – died 4 March 1885 aged 1 year


Jane Cope – wife of John – died 7 July 1903 aged 77 years

John Cope -Crimea War Veteran, died 17 January 1914 aged 84 years


Mary – wife of Richard Swift died 26 November 1864 aged 38 years

Janetta – daughter of Richard & Mary Swift died 13 February 1863 aged 4 years 3 months


Hannah – Wife of William Jeffs died 29 May 1901 aged 57 years

William – died 5 December 1901 aged 55 years

James – son of William & Hannah died 26 May 1898 aged 14 years

Should be a descendant of any of the above families please get in touch and I will provide details of who you need to contact to object to any relocation of the headstones.

Further posts will give more information on the families whose headstones maybe relocated.

Update 19 June 2016

Names have now been identified for one of the headstones which is lying flat, this belongs to Joseph Howells died 18 Sept 1897 and his wife Eliza died 28 February 1888.

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