ONS publish consultation on 2021 UK Census

ONS publish consultation on 2021 UK Census

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have publish today the report on the consultation carried out in June 2015 on the 2021 UK Census.

As part of that consultation a number of Genealogy bodies and individuals submitted responses to the consultation. From the report it can be seen that 2 two key requests were made:

  1. Collect the individuals place of birth, rather than just country of birth
  2. Collect mother’s maiden name

The report makes clear that the ONS are not planning to collect this information in the 2021 UK Census, thus future genealogists won’t have this information presented to them in 100 years time.

The full ONS Report can be found on their website

There is an option on the page to access the topic specific reports, one being labelled Genealogy.