FindmyPast Friday – 29 January 2016

FindmyPast Friday – 29 January 2016

This week’s Findmypast Friday marks the release of a variety of new additions from the Isle of Man, Ireland, the English county of Middlesex, Australia and New Zealand.

Over 2.8 million New Zealand birth, marriage and death index records are now available to search and over 838,000 new records have been added to our collection of civil and parish births, marriages and deaths from the Isle of Man. Substantial updates have also been made to the Greater London Burial Index, Queensland Funeral records and our collection of historic Irish newspapers.

Isle of Man, Births and Baptisms 1600-2010

Over 422,000 records been added to the Isle of Man, Births and Baptisms 1600-2010. Now totalling over 540, 000 records, the set is composed of parish baptismal records transcribed by FamilySearch, and civil registration records transcribed by Denise Killen. Each individual record includes a transcript of the original source material that will usually include your ancestors’ name, gender, birth year, birth place, baptism year, baptism place and parent’s names.

You can order original certificates from all the transcripts generated from the civil registration index via the Isle of Man General Registry.

Isle of Man, Marriages 1598-1979

Over 167,000 records have been added to our collection of Isle of Man Marriages. Each record includes a transcript of either a parish or civil registration records that will usually include the date and location of your ancestor’s marriage, their parish, religious denomination, residence and father’s name. Church records will also include the name, birth year and marital status of their spouse as well as the name of their spouse’s father.

Isle of Man, Deaths and Burials 1598-2011

Over 249,000 records have been added to the Isle of Man, Deaths and Burials 1598-2011. The collection holds both parish burial records and civil registration records related to deaths and burials on Isle of Man. Depending on the type of record and its age, the details found in each transcript will vary although most Parish records will include your ancestors name, birth year, age at death, marital status, occupation, residence burial date, burial place and the names of both their parents and spouse. Civil Registration records will reveal when and where the burial was registered.

Greater London Burial Index

Over 279,000 new records covering 48 different locations across the historical county of Middlesex have been added to the Greater London Burials Index. The Index comprises over one million names from 226 parishes in the Greater London area and includes records from both Anglican and non-conformist parishes.

Irish Newspapers

Over 970,000 articles have been added to our collection of historic Irish newspapers. The latest additions include one brand new title – The Dublin Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, the arrival of which adds over 3,700 fully searchable articles from 1871 to our gorwing list of Dublin newspapers.

As well as the new additions, we’ve also supplemented 16 existing titles with new articles, giving you extra years to explore. Substantial updates have been made to Dublin Daily Express (553,739), Londonderry Sentinel (101,332) and Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail (76,414).

Queensland Funeral Records

Over 39,000 records have been added to our collection of Queensland Funeral Records. The collection consists of transcripts taken from original records held at the Genealogical Society of Queensland Brisbane and includes indexes from records of memorial inscriptions from many Queensland cemeteries and lone graves (burials that took place on private property).

Each record will reveal your ancestors name, gender, birth year, location and date of death. Many records will also contain a description of your ancestor that can include a variety of details such as the titles they held and the names of their relations. The records don’t just record European settlers and a number will contain additional notes relating to the deceased’s alias or ethnicity (e.g. South Sea Islander, Aboriginal, ‘Kanaka’ – term used for Pacific Islander workers employed in British colonies during the 19th and 20th centuries).

New Zealand Birth Index

The New Zealand Birth Index contains the records of over 628,000 people. Marriages in New Zealand have been recorded Since the Marriage Registration Act of 1854. The records are from the combined indexes of both the General and M?ori registers. From 1913-1961, M?ori births were registered separately from the General register although some M?ori events were recorded in the General system. Since registration was difficult to enforce, many M?ori births were never registered.

Each record consists of a transcript that will reveal your ancestor’s name, birth year the first names of their both parents and registration number. Post 1912 records may also include a stillbirth indicator. You can order a printout or certificate from the New Zealand Births, Deaths & Marriages website, which may provide you with additional information such as the couple’s ages, professions, place of marriage, statuses, parents’ names and occupations, and witnesses.

New Zealand Marriage Index

The New Zealand Birth Index contains over 190,000 records. These marriage records in this index pertain to individuals who were born 120 years or more ago. Each transcript will include your ancestors name, registration year, registration number and the full name of their spouse. It is important to note the first four digits of the registration refer to the year the event was registered rather than the year of event. As more questions were asked for marriage registration after 1880, those later registrations will contain more details.

New Zealand Death Index

The New Zealand Death Index contains over 2 million records dating back to 1848. The records are from the combined indexes of both the General and M?ori registers and list the deceased’s name, registration year, birth date or age at death and registration number.

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