FindMyPast launch their 100 in 100 campaign

FindMyPast launch their 100 in 100 campaign

Over the next 100 days FindMyPast will release new records every week with  millions of new names and showcasing some of their recently added collections.  You will find record sets from all around the world, including parish records, military records and many others besides.

The first of those collection to explore is the Pals Battalions. The Pals Battalions were the brainchild of Lord Derby, encouraging young men to serve with their friends, neighbours, work colleagues or even team mates.

FindMyPast have collected records from across the UK, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Salford and the South Downs, which have been compiled from contemporary publications, they include details not found in medal rolls or service records

These young men, mostly educated, white collar workers, signed up in 1914 in the first excitement of Kitchener’s ‘Your Country Needs You’ campaign.  For many, the first action they saw was at the Somme. The Pals signed up together, fought together and in many cases, died together.

Find out whether your relatives were among them in our Pals Battalion collection, the most extensive online collection available.

The Collections are as follows:

– Birmingham Pals 1914-1918
– Birmingham Employers’ Roll of Honour 1914-1918
– 1st Bradford Pals (16th West Yorkshire Regt)
– Edinburgh Pals (15th & 16th Royal Scots Regt)
– Glasgow Pals 1914 – 1918
– Liverpool Pals 1914 – 1918
– Salford Pals (15th, 16th & 19th & 20th Lancashire Fusiliers)
– South Down Battalions (11th, 12th & 13th Royal Sussex)

More information on these Pals Battalions and how to search them can be found here

More details on 100 in 100 Campaign can be found on FindMyPast blog