Marriage “survey” 1786 style

Marriage Survey – Shropshire Style

Found whilst search Shrewsbury Chronicle for a client, an article which would probably be termed a state of marriage survey today.

Shrewsbury Chronicle Saturday January 7 1786

The present state of marrimony within the bills of mortality.

  • Wives eloped from their husbands                                                                               1,132
  • Husbands run from their wives                                                                                    3,348
  • Married pairs in state of separation                                                                              4,175
  • Married pairs living in state of open war                                                                   13,325
  • Married pairs living in state of inward hatred, though concealed from world   13,179
  • Married pairs living in state of indifference for each other                                    35,246
  • Married pairs reportedly happy                                                                                      3,175
  • Married pairs comparatively happy                                                                                   125
  • Married pairs absolutely happy                                                                                             13
    • Total                                                                                                                       70,480

Let all married pairs therefore learne the following rules

  • Please and be pleased
  • Bear and forbear
  • Wink and forgive

Which though short will increase the number of happy pairs, restore good harmony in families and man and wife will not in future be distinguished by characters quiet opposite to end of their state.

There was no author attributed

Wonder what results of such a survey would be today!!