National League for opposing Women’s Suffrage 1911

National League for opposing Women’s Suffrage 1911

Interesting article from my local evening newspaper yesterday which reported on the setting up of a Shrewsbury Branch of the National League for Opposing Women’s Suffrage. There was a crowded attendance and Colonel Lovett was in the chair.

The Colonel confessed that “when the lady suffrage agitation had first started he thought that they had a very good side to their question, and his thoughts turned to many ladies of his acquaintance, ladies of large property and great position, ladies who were in every way suitable and eligible and who, if they had the vote, would use it not only for the good of the community, but for the whole Empire”.

When he came to analyse the matter further, he heard of the immense number of what they may call really undesirable ladies who would receive the vote under Women’s suffrage and compared with those with the small number of ladies who they might feel should have the vote, he was forced to change his mind on the subject.

(Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News Apr 29 1911)

This has some similarities with the current AV campaign in the UK with the establishment against a change to the system which has served them well for so long.